MedEDocs System Components

The MedEDocs System is a suite of web enabled software applications used to capture, transcribe, deliver and store your dictation. All of our software has been thoroughly tested and is completely HIPAA compliant. Our powerful management tools give you true real-time status of your transcription. Our ReportViewer gives you a window into our system from your office. You can prioritize jobs, print, email and even edit or electronically sign your reports securely on-line. The MedEDocs Transcription System was designed with HIPAA in mind. One of the goals of HIPAA is to make sure that each encounter be individually identifiable and controlled. The MedEDocs system makes that a reality. MedEDocs offers encrypted storage, secure logins, access control, electronic signatures, powerful search and management tools. Our client end applications are designed to work safely behind your firewall.

Transcription Software Suite

Whether your goal is to organize your in-house department, send staff home, outsource or simply bring your department into HIPAA compliance, MedEDocs is the perfect solution. Set up is easy, and there is little impact on your dictators. With MedEDocs you choose how your transcription is done. You can use the system to type in house. You can send part or all of your staff home. You can outsource as little or much as you wish or any combination.


MedEDocs offers several dictation capturing methods. Toll free telephone dictation servers are available 24/7. MedEDocs dictation servers offer easy-to-use menus and editing features as well as confirmation numbers on request. Digital dictation devices are supported with our free secure digital file transfer software, MedEDocs VoiceLink. MedEDocs also supports legacy systems and can interface directly with Dictaphone, Lanier, DVI, TeleWave and other dictation equipment. All dictation, regardless of dictation source, is converted to MedEDocs standard format and coupled with the appropriate pre-formatted template for automated distribution.

Document Distribution

Completed reports are immediately available for viewing, editing, printing, or distribution by fax or E-mail. Our standard distribution method is the MedEDocs ReportViewer. The ReportViewer has powerful search and display features as well as the ability to view, edit, print, email or fax. The MedEDocs ReportViewer offers on-line editing and electronic signatures. The MedEDocs system tracks document access for HIPAA compliance.

The ReportViewer gives the client a window into the transcription process with real-time status information for each dictation. The ReportViewer allows the customer to prioritize jobs, check status, and reprint jobs 24/7. The Viewer runs safely behind your network firewall and/or on Citrix servers, terminal servers or other application servers.

MedEDocs offers automated fax and email delivery to referring physicians.

Browser-based web portals are available for referring physician access as well as dictators, administrators, and others.

In addition to our ReportViewer, MedEDocs offers electronic delivery and Interfaces to many HIS and EMR systems. Ask for details.

HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA rules demand that each encounter be individually identifiable and access controlled. MedEDocs was designed with HIPAA in mind.

Each dictated report is separated and individually identified by job number, dictator, dictation system ID, patient name, MRN transcriptionist, editor, subcontractor (if any), date and time.

Each dictation/document package (Job) contains a tracking system. Throughout the dictation/transcription/distribution process, the tracking system is updated and synchronized with the central database.

Job access, transfer, display and archival are all controlled through NT Security, Advanced SQL server security, and128 bit encryption. MedEDocs is 100% HIPAA compliant.


The MedEDocs Coordinator makes it possible for a single individual to manage a transcription department or transcription company with minimal phone, fax and personnel support.

Assign, re-assign, track and manage transcription jobs from a single screen.

Jobs can be displayed, searched, or filtered by:
  • Status
  • Work Type
  • Priority
  • Patient Name
  • Job Number
  • Dictator
  • Company
  • Medical Record Number
  • Accession Number
  • Transcriptionist
  • Date of Dictation
  • Upload Time (for those using handheld recorders)
  • Transcription Download Times
  • Transcription End Times

  • In addition to these powerful search and display capabilities the Coordinator has a single right-click menu that gives the user the ability to:

  • Assign jobs to an MT or QA editor
  • Assign for 2nd level QA
  • Change the priority of a dictation
  • Change status
  • Assign to outsource company
  • FAX (requires no phone or fax at users PC – Faxing is done from MedEDocs)
  • Print
  • Print with Document Summary
  • E-mail as attachment
  • View/Listen to job regardless of status
  • View demographic and statistical properties without opening job.
  • Transcription

    MedEDocs transcription software was developed with input from medical transcriptionist. MedEDocs Transcription integrates Microsoft Word as its word processor but does not change any of the functionality or key assignments of Word. AutoText, AutoCorrect, and Macros are fully functional for maximum productivity.

    MedEDocs Transcription also includes other powerful productivity tools such as doctor’s normals, referring physician lists (names and addresses), patient report history, as well as automated downloads, uploads, and file naming. MedEDocs Transcription also includes an automatic line count that eliminates log sheets.


    Customer setup, dictators, templates, preferences, employees, pricing, and automation is performed with the MedEDocs System Manager software. Workflow can be automated by account, dictator, work type, transcriptionist or pool, outsource, you name it! You’re in control.

    Billing and document statistics is accomplished with the MedEDocs Billing software. This application simplifies the billing process and payroll by utilizing the statistical information and line counts generated by the MedEDocs system.

    Getting Started

    Enrollment is free, quick and easy. MedEDocs is subscription based and billed by use. Standard software (Admin, VoiceLink, Coordinator, Transcription, ReportViewer) is included in the subscription. (Custom Interfaces and delivery available at addition charge). Transcription software requires a foot control (USB or 15-pin game port) and a licensed copy of Microsoft Word.


    ·The MedEDocs Transcription Software supports the Infinity (IN-USB) USB foot control and most game port foot controls. We recommend our part number IN-USB-1 for $64.95. Click here to view the pedal in our online store. 
    · MedEDocs Transcription, Coordinator, and ReportViewer all require a licensed copy of Microsoft Word on the host PC. The system will work with most versions from 2010* through 2016 with the following exceptions…

    Word/Office 2007
    - MedEDocs no longer supports Word/Office 2007.
    Word/Office 2010 - MedEDocs no longer supports Word/Office 2010.
    Word/Office 2013 Does not work with basic
    Word/Office 2016 Does not work with basic
    Office 365 Works with most Office 365 subscriptions that include full-installed version of Word.

    *MedEDocs will not install or run on Windows XP.

    Olympus DS series digital recorders are supported but not included in the subscription. Recorders are available through MedEDocs and other transcription company suppliers.